Sunday, November 22, 2009

On the Backstretch

Well, maybe that's not quite accurate. But a bit more than 90 games are done in the Orioles League, with about 60 to go. The current standings:

Team W L GB
1979 52 34 -
1969 53 38 3.5
1971 49 39 6
1997 49 40 6.5

with the other teams trailing further, all the way to the 1980 club, 21 games back. My 1966'ers have been very hot and cold, following up a 7 game win streak by losing 9 of 10 (and counting!)...
Various Boog Powells and Frank Robinsons are leading the league in the important categories. The big shock (for me) is the 1970 team languishing below .500 and probably out of the running.

As far as the Red Sox Play-in League, the top four teams will make it to the next stage. At this point, those four teams look to be the 2003, 1999, 1949, and 1972 clubs. 1977 and 1995 aren't far behind, though. 1972 was not a particularly distinguished year for the Sox (2nd place, a half-game back in a strike-shortened year in circumstances that, frankly, I don't understand), and I might expect them to drop out of the running.


The Blue Morpho said...


Did you have a prediction of which team would win? And do you treat the strike-shortened years differently?

Andy said...

I thought it'd be one of the 1969-1971 teams, and two out of the three of them are in the running, so I suppose that's going as expected.

I normalize all of the teams to either 154 or 162 games, so the teams from strike years are treated as though they'd continue their pace through a full year. As it turned out, it usually doesn't matter much-- usually the strikes were short and only a few games were missed. Only 1981 and 1994 were really affected badly.

Andy said...

Oh, and yeah. Boog.